Solar Powered Heating

ARD Local have gone green – so should you.

ARD Local can install solar water heating, this uses energy from the sun to heat your hot water in your home.

Solar Water Heating uses free heat from the sun to warm your hot water, by using solar panels – these are called collectors and are fitted to your roof.  Collectors collect the suns heat and warm the water with it, which is stored in a hot water cylinder.

A boiler or immersion heater is used as a back up, to make the water even hotter or to provide hot water when solar energy is not available.  Solar Water Heating minimises your heating costs but having the back up means that hot water will always be available.

Solar Water Heating cuts your heating bills down and requires little maintenance.

Go Green – Solar Hot Water doesn’t release harmful pollutants or carbon dioxide which means you can really do your bit for the environment.

ARD Local have specialist Engineers that can come into your home and asses it, helping you to choose the most suitable system to meet your requirements.  ARD’s fully trained engineers can explain to you the exact benefits of Solar Water Heating and provide you with all the information needed to make your decision to make the environment a greener place.

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