ARD Local Ltd have secured a contract to provide Balfour Beatty with a 24hr emergency call out team. Please read the testimonial below and be assured that ARD Local Ltd provide an unrivalled service.

The following testimonial is in recognition of our first-class work carried out in conjunction with Balfour Beatty and Network Rail, where we provided a number of services including drainage work, pulse jetting and CCTV surveys.

Balfour Beatty Testimonial

“I am currently running one of the largest building sites in London which is the Blackfriars Bridge project North and South Station refurbishment and would like to take time out to reflect on one of my sub-contractors, ARD Local Ltd.”

“ARD LOCAL specialise in above and below ground drainage repairs and this building site really put their expertise to the test.”

“Here on site we have a six storey building which over the last 40 years or so has had very little in the way of maintenance carried out.”

“ARD LOCAL first of all carried out a full intrusive survey of all soil and vent pipes, rain water pipes and mapped out all below ground drainage as they were no original drawings to work from.”

“Once I received the new drawings along with a report they then moved onto the second phase which included pulse jetting and very professional CCTV footage of all de-scaling works that was carried out.”

“As this project runs on a 24 hour basis I now have ARD LOCAL as my emergency call out team 24/7”

Colin Facchini
Balfour Beatty Engineering Services Ltd

Ibbett Mosely Testimonial

“As an established Surveying Practice we engage in a diverse range of built environment activities including the redevelopment of building sites, extension/refurbishment of existing premises, coordination of insurance reinstatement works and property management to name but a few of the services which run alongside our other commercial interests/activities. Established in 1900 and having a large community Client base, we are very conscious that the actions of those we recommend offers a direct reflection upon us, which is precisely why we do not make such recommendations lightly or without a wealth of first hand experience.”

“In my opinion ARD Local Ltd (who specialise in above and below ground drainage repairs) have proven themselves time and time again to be a highly skilled, experienced, motivated and reliable company of the highest integrity.”

“The partial failure of both foul and surface water drainage due to external factors, compounded by subsoil erosion giving rise to hard standing surface collapse, to a commercial complex in Sevenoaks proved to be a real test of their expertise. Simultaneously undertaking intrusive CCTV examination, exposure of the compromised areas, localised emergency drainage repairs and also emergency repairs to the supply services which had been affected in order to maintain the ongoing use of the commercial accommodation was a challenge which they accepted and accomplished very successfully; all with a keen eye to the economics of the situation.”

“Their highly skilled interpretation and professional reporting upon the exposed areas and of their CCTV examination findings provided a sound basis for subsequent negotiations with insurer’s and other affected parties in seeking swift settlement of the Claim and offered a sound basis for effective long term reinstatement.”

“Also ARD Local Ltd’s involvement separately in the provision of comprehensive clearance, fault diagnosis, CCTV examination and drainage mapping on a spuriously third party repaired residential property (which was subject to a protracted ongoing disputed insurance claim) was fundamental in clarifying accurately the current situation. Their professional reporting upon the nature and cause of defects suffered, the type and extent of deficiencies within the works previously completed by others and in their appropriate interpretation of current requirements to rectify same on an economic basis for the longer term was of invaluable assistance in enabling settlement of this long disputed but previously unresolved matter.”

“I would confirm, on the basis of my first hand experience with ARD Local Ltd and individual onsite dealings with their highly trained and competent staff, that I fully intend to utilise their services in the future.”

Colin Hulott MRICS DipSurv
Ibbett Mosely Surveyors LLP

Our Emergency Team provide our clients with a guaranteed 24 hour call out service providing friendly qualified ARD operatives to deal with your call, so you are good hands all the way.

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