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ARD local can supply, install and aintain good quality pumps and pumping systems. 

Submersible drainage pumps – These particular pumps are submersed into the fluid that is to be pumped.  These have many advantages, problems are prevented that may be associated with high elevation differences between pump and fluid surface.  These pumps push the water to the surface.  Submersible pumps are used in emergency draining of flooded areas, they are used for disposal of waste water and for emptying drainage traps.

ARD Local can supply and install sewage pumps for domestic and commercial purposes.  For anywhere that requires movement of waste water ARD can install the pump that is required for your needs, sewage disposal taken care of, drying flooded areas and septic tank draining – all taken care of by ARD local trained engineers.

ARD Local can supply and install good quality commercial or domestic pump systems – they can boost hot or cold water in all situations ie. Washing machines, loft conversions, Dishwashers.

If you would like to talk to one of our specialist engineers regarding pump systems, please call and ask one of our 24hr emergency team to direct your call.

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