Domestic spillage

ARD Local were called out on an emergency basis due to horrendous smells coming from the drains.  On inspection, we found the drains to be completely blocked.  After introducing high pressure jetting it became apparent that there was a sever problem with the pipe work.  We then recommended to the client that a full CCTV survey be carried out.


The CCTV survey showed the soil stack had severe scale, 360 degrees prior to the bend of the stack pipe, due to insufficient and illegal flexible multi quick that had been installed by a previous company at the bottom of the rest bend, where a 90 degree rest bend should be put in place and supported with steel hangers and suspended from nearest fixing.

The original connection had disconnected and caused foul waste to contaminate under the ground floor flat’s block and beam floor area, causing bad smells throughout the property.

barry055, barry 056 – Pictures showing illegal connection after ARD removed the bathroom suite to carry out the emergency repair.

ARD Local’s emergency engineers removed the contaminated floor area, dug out and removed all waste. There were approximately 10inches of raw sewage under the ground floor flat and this was causing environmental problems with the tenants.  The insurance company instructed us to a carry out a clean up and removal of all the contaminated waste under the floor on an emergency basis.  This was a serious health hazard and tenants had contacted the environmental office.

These pictures show additional work that had to be carried out to cut open the floor areas to allow suction hoses from our vaccum tanker, into the confined space area, to allow us to completely remove the contaminated foul waste.

ARD Local sanitised and dried the contaminated area using specialist machinery. See pictures below of engineers carrying out removal of waste and drying.

ARD Local successfully carried out the full repair and was able to prevent any further discomfort for the tenants in their properties.

ARD responded quickly and adhered to all health and safety at all times. Below are pictures illustrating the professional emergency repair that ARD Local engineer’s carried out, to prevent the waste from flats above continually cascading into floor area.

This is an illustration of a correct repair on a vertical soil vent pipe with supports preventing it from moving in the near future.

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