Domestic Flooding

Flooded Cellars, Garages, light wells, bay’s can all cause damp and nasty smells in the property.ARD have a, range of different equipment to remove the flood water and dry it at a reasonable cost on an emergency basis, we can issue a detailed report of the cause of the problem and also follow the job through to the end. We can either repair it or diagnose the following steps you need to take to solve the problem.

Flood Problems Include:

  • Burst Pipes
  • Burst Sewer Pipes
  • Burst Drain Pipes
  • Water table rising
  • Blocked Soak-a-ways backing up or not working properly
  • Holding tanks / storage tanks

After a small period of time the engineer informed our client that it must be a water table, due to the basement area continuously re-flooding, levels were dropping to the floor after being pumped out, then seeping back up again. At that point ARD rigged up a sump pump on a temporary basis to allow the client to pump the water as and when the water table would rise. This was connected to the nearest drain outlet. This was over the Christmas period after there had been lots of snow and rain.

ARD also put in a price to tank out the cellar and supply a full time pump to the floor level to remove the water at all times when the water table is high again.

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