Root Intrusion

Root Ingress, Root Intrusion into Drain System

Drainage is never a problem until it stops working!

Everybody’s drainage system needs cleaning throughout at some pint in time due to fat, grease, silt etc. Inevitably in this case root intrusion has accumulated and has reduced the capacity and flow, thus not allowing any waste or rain water to flow into the main sewer causing a total blockage.

ARD local were called out to an emergency blocked drain. Engineers using rods and plungers in a conventional way were unable to unblock the drain due to large root intrusion from the surrounding trees.  It appears that the large trees surrounding the drain system in the front garden of the property have been searching for the leaking water from the drain system.  We eventually used high pressure jetting to relieve the blockage and then engineers introduced CCTV camera equipment to allow us to visually record the damage caused by the root intrusion and give an indication to the client of how much it would cost to rectify the problem of the drains continually backing up and blocking.

The pictures are showing our engineers preparing to excavate down onto the drainage system and remove roots from a four inch waste pipe.

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