Emergency Spillage

This is a job carried out in in a commercial premises in Deptford, London.Engineers arrived on site to pump out water from holding tanks, to find building had been broken into and kerosene all over the floor due to vandals breaking into the property and cutting the feeds to the tank supply.

Ard Local then provided on an emergency basis a break down of events and costing to remove the hazardous waste from Drummond house to a designated waste transfer site for a consignment notice.

Whilst engineers were there they had to chain up and board up several entry points that had been broken into including re-fixing gate that had been smashed off it’s hinges, and broken panel on front door.  Our engineers reinforced and removed water from tanks using breathing apparatus and protective clothing in a confined space area the damage was assessed as well as quantity of waste that needed to be removed.

The exact cause of vandalism was determined and tanks holding the kerosene were inspected for a further damage report,  approximately 25000 litres of contaminated oil.

Emergency works were then carried out – this included tankers to remove waste from site, specialist lights EEX for confined space areas, breathing apparatus with safety harness and slides. Jetting team cleaned down all surfaces and sanitized and deodorized the premises. Once all works were carried out,  the area was made safe for others to work in.

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