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Below are some pictures showing the start of a trace and inspection of a burst domestic water main. One of the many solutions our Emergency plumbers London carry out on a daily basis.

ARD Local had a call from a client suggesting to them that water from her premises appeared to be flooding her next door neighbours basement, she was able to ascertain that it was her water feed due to the fact that she had low pressure in her premises, after gathering information from the neighbours and the owner of the property it appears that Water board company had excavated outside the premises to carry out a drain repair due to it collapsing.

After tracing the feed for the cold water mains supply from next doors basement it became apparent that the services to all flats were connected from the basement and had a rising main to feed all cold storage tanks in each premises.

Below are pictures of engineers carrying out an emergency excavation to trace and find leaking mains pipe.

After a period of time the engineers were able to trace the leaking pipe work somewhat two foot under the ground between the two properties, which appeared to be a 25ml blue poly pipe connected to an existing lead mains.

Once engineers had remove soil from the pipe to allow them to diagnose why the pipe was leaking, it became apparent that prior to paths being laid a pitch fork had made an indent in the poly pipe and had broken down and had been leaking for a long period of time.

The property appeared to be built on a gradient level, which would cause the water to run down hill towards the road, this would probably been the cause of the main drain dropping in the road due to the surrounding sub soil washing away and the drain eventually collapsing.

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