Domestic Burst Water Pipe

Domestic Emergency Burst Pipe & Burst Cylinder

ARD Local was called to a domestic emergency in Kemsing, Sevenoaks, Kent, relating to a home insurance emergency call out.  The insurance company were unable to provide one of their engineers on site, to deal with a leaking pipe and flood in the time scale that was needed, therefore ARD Local were called and arrived within a short time scale due to the danger of a burst pipe and water leaking onto the electrics underneath.

On arrival engineers quickly ascertained that the customer Mrs Smith had an indirect cylinder that had completely split and had lost all of it’s water into the new bathroom below, causing all electrics to short and the fuse board to blow.

Engineers isolated all power from the fuse board, turned off the main gate valves from the cold water storage tank feeding the cylinder.  The whole heating system had to be completely drained due to it not having subsequent isolation valves to the primary flow and return.  Engineer took pictures showing damage to carpet, walls and floor and dropped all spot lights from the ceiling and supplied the customer with two large commercial humidifiers to dry out the excess water.

Once engineer had managed to make area safe for working conditions, he was able to take out the cylinder and replace it with a new copper cylinder and re-connect up on an emergency basis all the primary heating and connections from the cold water storage tank area.

A comprehensive report and break down of costs for further works on a fixed price were given to Mrs Smith to pass on to her insurance company to allow a loss adjuster from the insurance company to come out and assess the damage due to flooding.

The pictures show damage to the walls i.e wall paper coming off banister rails and architrave paintwork that had blown to the entrance of the bathroom due to the volume of water.

ARD Local were then called back to rectify all water damage to ceilings and walls, which was carried out by one of our bathroom specialists.


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