Commercial Burst Water Pipes

ARD were called out to a large block of commercial flats that had low water pressure.  On arrival the Engineer tested the stop cock out on the road and verified with specialist machinery listening devices that it was all OK and explained to the customer that there would be a leak between the stop cock in the road and the supply stop cock in their property.

After allowing the water to run, and tracing pipe work, engineers were able to ascertain that the grass 10 – 15 metres away from the property, seemed to be bogged out in that area.

It was then recognised that there was a slight verge from the property and the flat had a slight raise of levels in the ground, we then ascertained that the water was running down hill towards the grass area. An engineer exposed the grass area to try and trace the leaking pipe whilst another engineer further upstream towards the property removed slabs to carry out an emergency excavation down towards the cold water main supply.

Excavation had been taken down to approx two and half feet,  and exposed pipe work.  Lots of water was gushing into the excavated hole.  After turning off the cold water main in the road, engineers then pumped out the excess water using submersible sump pumps.  It became apparent that copper pipes had been laid incorrectly with no protection and crossed pipe work with what appeared to be white plastic sleeving as in the pictures.

The pipe work that was installed had a white plastic coated copper piping (PVC Sleeving) which is normally used when laying concrete to prevent the copper being eaten by the lime in the concrete.  The correct material when laying cold water feeds should have been blue poly pipe. It’s expandable, durable and easy identifiable.

We ascertained that the plastic coating had broken down over the years and the  copper piping was pin holing due to the reaction of the materials in the ground surrounding the pipe work.

Engineer working in the grass area managed to remove the white plastic coating copper and took pictures for the insurance company showing the damage that’s caused throughout the water service. The copper pipe has obviously been leaking for a long time as the pipe has oxidised and gone green.

After repairs were carried out engineer back filled the hole and re-laid turf to temporary repair, due to heavy flow of residents and hazardous holes, to comply with health and safety standards. After all repairs were carried out engineers re-laid slabs and removed excess soil and jetted down and cleaned areas to a high standard.

After all the temporary emergency works had been carried out, our engineers then gave a comprehensive report, supported with picture evidence and full recommendations for further works.

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