Pitch Fibre Repairs

ARD are specialists in pitch fibre re-rounding using the latest technology, we are able to carry out repairs to partially collapsed pitch fibre drains.Up to 60% deformity can be re-rounded using specialist machinery i.e hydraulic operated winches supported by an a frame directly over the inspection chamber.  Pitch fibre drainage systems have been haunting the professional specifier and general public for many years.  ARD locals re-rounded and structural lining technology know has a way of exercising the problem caused by pitch fibre drains.

ARD were asked by a local building company to carry out some pitch fibre repairs to the main foul waste service of a brand new development approximately costing 2 million pounds.

After a CCTV survey prior to the work had been carried out by the builders it became apparent that the drain leading to the sewer was put in the late fifties after all the London bombings during the war.  Pitch fibre back at this time appeared to be an easy and cost effective way of replacing drain systems.  Below we have pictures of our engineers carrying out the setting up of machinery adhering to health and safety requirements.

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